If you are a big fan of racing games and you are owner of Xbox 360 then you came to the right place. Here you will find out which are the best Kinect race games for your Xbox and what is the new Kinect device all about.

You may notice all the gaming news right now which all talking about Kinect. Well it is normal as Microsoft officially announced this device on the latest E3 gaming conference and it was one of the biggest successes of this conference. Weeks ago there were rumors about such device titled Project Natal but the official name is now Kinect. So what is it all about?

Kinect is a motion tracking camera which gets placed near you TV and pluged with your Xbox 360, works for all versions. Its main task is to track player movements and synchronize them in game, that means you will be able to play games in one of the first and most realistic ways with your own body. The controller will be you, you will not need any Xbox controller to play this so called Kinect games. But remember, only the games with Kinect logo will work in that way, old Xbox games do not support such features.a

So lets take a look at some of the best Kinect race games being announced or available. Best part is that you will not have a controller or a wheel to play them, you will use only your hands and body which is really amazing trust me!

  • Kinect Joy Ride – It is the first announced game by Microsoft that will provide you racing adventure and action. You will choose your favourite car and start racing indifferent unique worlds of courses and obstacles. Drift through corners, perform tricks in the air, do high jumps and much more. One of the must have games for you and your family or friends, to play in multi player mode or even online!
  • Sonic Free Riders – A game that will give you a different way of racing, not using cars but using boards. Yes choose your favourite character including Sonic and go out there race and defeat opponents even using weapons which you can pick along the course. Similar to Mario Kart. Get in the position of snowboarding and move your body to control your character movements, a lot of fun guaranteed!
  • Kinect Forza – For all the fans of sports cars and one of the fastest realistic cars, here is Forza Kinect also known as Xbox game Forza Motorsport. Many cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini and others. Pick your favourite, win championships and more!


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