Enduro racing is the ultimate entry level auto-racing opportunity. For less that $1000, you can build a great enduro car, go racing, and have a blast.

What is an enduro? An enduro is an auto-racing survival event. You are packed onto a racetrack with over 100 other cars and let loose.

No caution flags fly during an enduro and the race is only stopped in the event of a fire, a rollover, or should the track become blocked with wreckage.

Enduro races started out as a way to let regular folks try auto-racing without building a very expensive weekly racer. These races have become more and more popular and are now starting to pay the winners up to $5000.

Back several years ago, it was common for people to run junks in the enduros. You would see some cars make it just a few laps before they broke. With the money that’s being paid out these days, serious racers are building race cars specifically for running these enduros and are collecting some nice payouts during the summer.

Where can you find an enduro race? Here in Central Vermont, we can visit several tracks within just a couple of hours from us.

Thunder Road in Barre, VT hosts an Annual Enduro 200. This race is held in July or August on a Sunday night. This is my favorite track to drive on. The 2009 Enduro 200 will be the 25th Annual and is going to pay $5000 to the winner!

Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT hosts several enduro races throughout the year. These are shorter events that pay $50 to the winner. Bear Ridge is a little clay track out in the boonies of Vermont. It’s a fun track to drive on.

Riverside Speedway in Groveton, NH hosts several enduros throughout the year. Highlights at this track are the Frostbite 400 held in October, and the Pre-Hangover 150 held on New Years! The Frostbite 400 is a blast to drive in!

Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY. This half mile track is fast! They hold an annual Enduro 200 in the late summer. I have yet to drive on this track but I am looking forward to it.

If you’re looking for some great family entertainment, or you would like to experience auto-racing for yourself without making a huge financial commitment, enduro racing is for you. Come on out this summer and enjoy an enduro race.


Source by Jonathan Hutchinson

Enduro Racing – What it is and Why It’s Such a Blast!

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