Martin Truex Jr. was born in Mayetta, New Jersey on June 29, 1980. He is a second generation racer in his family. His father, Martin Truex Sr. was a winner in the Busch North Series and was heralded as a successful modified driver. Martin Sr. was already a successful racer in the Northeast by the time Truex Jr. was ready to take up racing. As young as he was, Martin Jr. always knew that the race tracks were made for him. He was already racing go-karts at the tender age of 11. By the time Martin Jr. was 14, he had won the Junior Championship and the New Jersey Championship Series at the New Egypt Speedway. He then proved this to be the starting point for what would turn out to be a very lucrative stock car racing career.

When Truex Jr. reached 18, he entered and won his first feature Modified event. Martin Jr. then followed closely in his father footsteps when he began racing in the Busch North Series in 2000. With 3 winning races under his belt in fewer than 3 years with his family owned team, it’s clear that Truex Jr. is headed to glory as well. In his first season on the Busch North Series ride, he won the event at the New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire

Martin Truex Jr. enjoys hunting with his sponsors and team mates during his time off from the tracks. As a child, he used to join his father and his uncle on hunting trips which was made into a family tradition. They would go on a trip out West for a week or so as a family. A regular woodsman, Martin Jr. grew up around a lot of land and even when he wasn’t old enough to hunt, he would sit in the deer stand with his uncle. One of Martin Jr’s fondest gift as a child was a fourteen shotgun for Christmas when he was 6. The Truex family have always been huntsmen with the tradition spanning beyond his grandfather. Martin Jr’s dream kill would be an elk with a bow after he was bitten by the bow hunting bug when he was in his later teens.

Martin Truex Jr. and Martin Truex Sr. have proven to be a tight knit group with formidable strengths. In 2003, the both of them had to deal with the task of fielding a financially challenged single-car team in the Busch Series. It was a difficult time but the sweat and blood paid off when Truex Jr. was made an offer by Dale Earnhardt Jr. to drive for Chance 2 Motorsports. Chance 2 Motorsports is the team that is operated under the Dale Earnhardt Inc family and with his debut in that car at the Richmond International Raceway for the Hardees 250, Truex Jr. would have been in the lead eleven laps before he had to give way to a transmission malfunction which lead to his car being brought into the garage earlier. Although he finished 31st in that race, he did get the attention of many people.

The next couple of years following that incident brought along various winnings for Truex Jr. and with that, sponsorships. Martin Jr’s dominance in the Busch Series propelled him and his team the ticket to compete at NASCAR’s highest level of competition with Dale Earnhardt Inc. It was interesting to note how the same group that Martin Jr. had defeated for his previous wins in the Busch Series championships would be the same group he was against for the Raybestos’ Rookie of the Year.

Martin Jr. has since then, won more races and has earned a spot in the Chase for the Championship in September of 2007. It’s not surprising giving his background that there will be plenty more in store for this racer in the future.


Source by Christopher DiCicco

NASCAR’s Martin Truex, Jr – From Boy to Superstar